This Mario Maker level plays like a Metroid game

Metroid U

Between Metal Gear Solid V and Super Mario Maker, my schedule for September is Chinese-buffet full. Both games are going be huge time sinks. They’re also tons of fun to watch pre-release.

Take this level created by Pixelkabinett. It’s designed like Metroid in that players have to seek out “upgrades” (i.e., Mario power-ups) to reach previously-inaccessible areas. Some real clever use of the tools here, and I also loved seeing the creator get flustered during the first boss fight.

The level has some issues — most notably that pesky pre-set timer, which forces players to rush instead of truly explore — but it’s a strong example of what’s possible in Mario Maker. I have high expectations for player-made levels, and I’m certain the community will exceed them.

The ID is 5778-0000-000F-47D4, if you’d like to try it.

[Via reddit]

Jordan Devore
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