This Mario Kart Live setup is extremely cool

Mario Kart Live setup

All four karts and Switch units safely housed in one place

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Nearly two years ago when Mario Kart Live arrived, I said that what you got out of it will vary from household to household, and that rings true to this day. And it looks like Reddit user fiveonthakush got a lot out of it with this Mario Kart Live setup.

Their case is a masterpiece, in that it holds four playable karts, as well as four units of Switch hardware: which double as the controllers and screen in which to view the karts as they race around a real-life “track.” All they’d need to do is keep the Switches charged, then carry it anywhere they want for some family fun.

The creator says the case is from, designed with “lower foam,” which they cut out based on the specifications, with a “routed lid” to ensure that the top didn’t tightly press down on the karts and the Switch hardware. Interestingly, they “swapped parts on the karts” so they could tell all four apart. If you look closely, there’s a green kart with a red “Mario” M on it, and a red kart with a red Mario M: vice versa for two karts that feature Luigi. That way you can more easily tell who “players one through four” are. They say that they hope to get even more use out of the game because of the case, which makes it easier to transport: and had fun putting the set together.

With that said, it’s sad that Velan Studios/Nintendo never released proper “player three or player four” karts: but for Nintendo’s experimentation, a lack of follow-through is par for the course (RIP Labo?). I know there is a community around the game, and I hope it gets some sort of follow-up someday.

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