This LEGO Star Wars: Skywalker Saga overview video makes it look ambitious for a LEGO game

Skywalker Saga overview video

All three trilogies are incorporated

So once the news came out that there was going to be a LEGO Star Wars game encompassing all nine “Skywalker Saga” (can we call it something else?) feature films, it seemed ambitious out of the gate. But this LEGO Skywalker Saga overview video really shows off the scope of that ambition, right as we’re on the cusp of the April 5 launch on…basically every major platform.

Raw numbers are probably the easiest way to communicate what the entry entails, so here goes: 23 planets, 100 vehicles, and 300 playable characters. In true LEGO fashion, a lot of the latter will control the same, but to some kid who really loves Yaddle (who is in the game) that won’t really matter!

“Give them the galaxy” is how one developer put it, and with X-Wing (amid other ships) travel in space shown off in the LEGO Skywalker Saga overview video, it seems pretty accurate. So the critical path layout is episodic, but you can unlock new planets and travel between them. The most ambitious part, to me, is the amount of work the team put into all 23 planets, most of which are visible in the video below. The perfect example is how the characters can look “battle worn” with sand or snow depending on the environment.

I think my absolute favorite bit of the video is when a developer talks about the sun reflecting off of a character model looking “absolutely beautiful,” when describing a scene featuring Jar Jar Binks. There’s a lot of Jar Jar in the video actually! I wonder who requested that or made that happen: they seem fun.

Say what you will about LEGO games, but they’ve been one of the more consistent “family” experiences for the past decade, and a perfect entry point for kids who want to move on to other action platformers. They’re evergreen, too! My kid was just enjoying the very first LEGO Batman recently.

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