This Kingdom Come: Deliverance trailer should get you properly amped up

Kingdom comes in just 13 more days

There’s a reason all the best leaders give incredibly motivating speeches right before plunging into the thick of battle (or at least this is what movies have led me to believe). It’s gonna get all those warrior guys completely keyed up to fight. And if it’s raining during the speech? Oh man, the other side might as well just retire and save themselves the trouble.

Here’s a Kingdom Come: Deliverance trailer that should have the same effect on you. It hits the trifecta of revenge-minded monologue, sweeping environmental war shots, and majestic music. It’s like a stat buff. You’re more confident for having watched it.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an RPG so there’s going to be a lot of talking and relationship-building (this script is said to be twice as long as the entirety of Lord of the Rings). But when you’re not talking, you’ll be fighting. And this trailer makes you want to fight.

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