This is what a real-life Hitman mission looks like

The butler did it

Here’s what a Hitman assassination would look like in real-life. 

IO Interactive teamed up with Realm Pictures – the company behind that kick-ass Chatroulette FPS last year – to create a real-life mission for everyone’s favourite brooding baldy, Agent 47.

The participants were able to control Agent 47’s actions by way of an ear-piece. As you’ll see, there were a variety of ways and means for 47 to infiltrate the premises and take out the target. Realm Pictures did a fantastic job of prepping the real-life set and actors for pretty much any eventuality. 

Hitman voice actor David Bateson was available to respond to the participants, while actor Liam Brennan – who said “it took a lot of convincing for me to go bald” – took the role of Agent 47. 

For more details and a peek behind-the-scenes, check out this video, too:

Director David M. Reynolds states at the end of that video he “cannot wait” to show us what they have in store for us next… So what game do you wanna see next transformed by Realm’s real-life treatment? I want Silent Hill, please (well, it’s gotta be better than that second movie…)

Bonus points if you spot our very own Hollie Bennett in there! <3

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