This is getting conSKUsing: Best Buy lists Core System with HDMI

Can somebody, somewhere please admit that releasing multiple console SKUs is a set up for disaster? Haven’t we learned by now that confusing customers and/or insulting their intelligence by offering sloppy, under-equipped packages is a bad idea?

I guess not: adding to the multiple SKU confusion (which shall hereby be known as “conSKUsion”) is Best Buy, who has now added a new listing for an “Xbox 360 Core System w/ HDMI.” Between the nine or 23 other rumored SKUs, purchasing an Xbox 360 this holiday should be like a scavenger hunt. Maybe this is some kind of ARG?

Best Buy lists a September 1 release date for the system, and tags it with a $349.99. It should be noted that this is the same price as that of the already confirmed HDMI-equiped premiums.

So is this yet another SKU, or is someone at Best Buy corporate hitting the bottle again? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure: Early adopters, regardless of which SKU they purchased, are getting really familiar with the shaft.

[Via Edgadget


Nick Chester