This is Doom as an Aliens game

I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly

I’m of the opinion that all video games should have Alien in them. I’ve gone on-record saying as much (a piece that Darren continually prodded me to actually write). Maybe it’s completely unreasonable, but goddamnit did I ever legitimately expect a Xenomorph to come around the corner while I was in The Witness‘ desert temple.

It’s just that Alien makes everything better. Modder Kontra Kommando is working on doing just that with the classic Doom games. Tough task; those games were pretty fantastic already.

Late last week, this video was released to show progress on Aliens: The Ultimate Doom beta 9.0. The Doom engine is pretty immediately recognizable, but the rest of it looks largely different. It has that survival-horror edge to it, and that’s absolutely crucial for anything Aliens-inspired. And, the Xenomorphs are quick and largely unpredictable — just like they should be.

If all this has your curiosity piqued, I’d recommend checking out this video too. It seems a bit more dated (especially with regard to the HUD), but it has way more action. Turns out that aliens are scary even when run through a 1990s video game filter. Guess they really are the perfect organism, eh?

Aliens: The Ultimate Doom [BETA 9.1] [Mod DB via reddit]

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