This Assassin’s Creed toy is sort of nice, also awful

Our pal Steven Hansen may or may not disagree

Major League Baseball’s San Francisco Giants hosted the organization’s first-ever “Video Gamer Night” Wednesday ahead of a game with the visiting Arizona Diamondbacks.

Admission to the special event at AT&T Park came with an exclusive figure, designed by Todd McFarlane. The toy features depicts Assassin’s Creed Unity protagonist Arno Dorian kitted out in orange and black with a Giants helmet and baseball bat.

100% Objective Opinion: The Halloween-themed getup looks awful. Just awful. Arno would be well advised to trade in those nasty rags for some Dodgers gear. Everyone looks better in blue.

San Francisco Giants to give away team-inspired Assassin’s Creed figure for Gamer’s Night [MLB]

Kyle MacGregor Burleson