This artist amazingly made the Super Mario Odyssey ship out of trash

Super Mario Odyssey ship

They’re right: the glue looks delicious

If you haven’t had a Mario kick in a while, this Super Mario Odyssey ship video will perk you right up.

From the mind of Studson Studio, using “plastic junk” as a base (which looks like a Boston Market takeout container), the Super Mario Odyssey ship (which is literally called the “Odyssey”) is born. Cutting out a lot of fluff and elbow grease, the creator walks us through the process in an informative 20ish-minute video, with “obscene amounts of glue” holding it all together.

Like all their creations, it’s a feat of engineering, with some trial and error, married with carefully crafted and meticulously planned concepts via digital testing. Tofu containers ended up giving the ship that perfect “metal panel” feel, and comprise the outside of the ship’s foundation. Everything from dollar store trophies, to toothbrush heads, to hair rollers. Of course, it all needs to be painted (that starts around 7:30 in), which is in and of itself a whole extra journey and skill — that Studson Studio manages to pass with flying colors.

If you’re curious about the rest of their creations: they’re just as incredible! The most popular video they have is their astounding Howl’s Moving Castle replica that frankly belongs in a museum.

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