Thinkgeek debuts fully functional Portal t-shirts

Leave it to Thinkgeek to take April Fool’s day to a new level. Among their pranks for the day are these Portal t-shirts, which, as you can see, are fully functional. From the product page:

Unfortunately during initial testing of the Interactive Portal Shirts at least 128 testing subjects were injured or maimed while practicing the teleportation procedures. Therefore it was decided to provide a visibly functional version of the Interactive Portal Shirts while forgoing actual teleportation. The finished product you see here uses two wireless 5.8 GHz video cameras mounted in the front of each shirt along with two high-res LCD TFT screens. The camera in the orange shirt transmits the image to the blue shirt, and vise versa. In this manner it seems as if a fully functional portal has been created between the chests of both subjects. 

Brilliant. We love you in an embarassing crush sort of way, Thinkgeek. While you’ve over there, make sure you check out the equally awesome Tauntaun sleeping bag, which I wish to god was real. Of course, the 8-Bit Tie wasn’t real at first either, and then customers begged and it was. If you really want either of these products, start emailing them to beg now (although I’m pretty sure no amount of begging is going to get those Portal shirts really made).

Hit the jump to see video of how the shirts “work”!

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