These tiny Nintendo Switch cases are adorable

Now I can show off my whole collection in the palm of my hand!

My current shelf situation is a complete disaster at the moment. I’ve hit the point in my game collection where I simply no longer have the room for newer games and I’m now stacking cases on top of one another and have moved almost the entirety of my retro collection into storage.

Since getting my Nintendo Switch back in November, I’ve had to make due by simply putting my Switch cases on top of my PS4 cases, truly, these are difficult times. But, it would appear Kotaku reader Mahir has come up with a potential solution for all our shelf disaster scenarios in the form of these adorable miniature Switch cases that simply fit the cartridge itself.

With any luck, these or something similar will pop up soon on Etsy and I can put the entirety of my Switch collection between the gap of my PlayStation and Dreamcast games!

The Tiniest Lil’ Nintendo Switch Game Cases [Kotaku]

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