These Heroes of the Storm Gunnars are awesomely gaudy and I love them

Collect them all!

Gunnar Optiks has announced an exclusive partnership with Blizzard to manufacture computer and gaming eyewear related to the upcoming MOBA Heroes of the Storm. In layman’s terms, that company that creates all of those awesome-looking gaming eyewear has entered into a licensing agreement with Blizzard to give us glasses emblazoned with different characters from Blizzard titles.

There are 12 sleeves in all, including World of Warcraft’s Illidan Stormrage, StarCraft’s Nova, and a smattering of other familiar faces such as Tychus Findlay and a generic Elite Tauren Chieftain. Putting down $15 will net you a preorder for the special sides as illustrated above, but the glasses are sold separately. You can go ahead and nab the one you like the most, and there will be additional releases throughout 2014 and 2015. Right now there are over 40 different combinations you can make using the models of glasses available, so if you want something not pictured with the default images, chances are you can still have the kind you like with your favorite character design. 

Personally, I want Nova, Illidan, or Zeratul. I’m not sure if the glasses help me at all, but they’re my favorite kind of accessory: gaudy, loud, and nerdy. Plus, I love Blizzard, so I basically want them all. But if you want one, better hop on the preorder train. From the look of Twitter rumblings, people are pretty interested in these babies. 

Brittany Vincent