These early Yoshi’s Woolly World concepts are neat

Touch fuzzy, get dizzy

Before Nintendo settled on the name Yoshi’s Woolly World, the game was known as Yarn Yoshi. Do you remember that? It was only a few short years ago. The art direction was originally more in line with Good-Feel’s prior game, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, until it formed its own identity.

Twitter user Random Talking Bush has been digging around in Woolly World, and he unearthed some unused designs. Click to enhance!

My favorite image is the one up top, but that illustration set against corkboard is real cute.

To think, if Good-Feel had stuck with the Epic Yarn look, we might be living in a world without the Yarn Yoshi amiibo and this bug-eyed little monster. That isn’t a thought I’d like to entertain.

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