These decorative Stardew Valley Junimo stakes would look great in my new garden

Stardew Valley Junimo crafts

The Junimo will watch over my plants

I’m pretty much into anything Stardew Valley related. A board game? Sure, why not. Basically anything Junimo related? Bring it on. This newest creation shared by Redditor Drawn-Otterix is just lovely and completely up my alley.

Junimo stakes! Enough said. These cute little things watch over gardens in Stardew Valley, so why not have them watch over real-life plants too?

You see, I recently started a small garden. It’s nothing worth bragging about, but for years I’ve wanted to grow some peppers on my own and bottle my own hot sauce for friends and family. Right now I’m experimenting with Bahamian goat peppers, jalapenos, bird’s eye chilis, and several other varieties. My aim is to make two similar sauces: one extremely spicy for hot-heads, and another general “sauce” for anyone to use. Maybe Junimo can help.

Amazingly, hot peppers aren’t a ton of work. They don’t need to be watered every day and are extremely resilient plants. It’s been a ton of fun picking them out and potting them so far, and hopefully by the end of the summer I’ll have a decent harvest. While Drawn-Otterix isn’t openly selling these on say, Etsy, I hope they do one day!

This is just one craft in a long line of extremely talented Stardew Valley artists. There’s just so much out there, and the series will live on for years to come.

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