Theresia DS may appeal to fans of Hotel Dusk, Shadowgate

Let me preface this piece of news with a plain fact for you: anytime anyone says “It’s like Shadowgate” about any game, my eyes expand to saucer-size and I pee on the floor like an untrained puppy. I love the old game and its awesomely schlocky music and interface, and as antiquated as it may seem now, I still find myself wishing that the style of gameplay had somehow modernized appropriately into the current generation of gaming.

Enter Theresia, an upcoming horror title for DS from Workjam and Arc System Works. The game places you in the role of the female protagonist and has you moving through an oversized house solving puzzles. Apparently, there is also some twisted family situation at work, as Aksys has commented that the protagonist “loves her mom … a lot.” Uh, how much is a lot, Aksys? Like clothes off kind of a lot?

The game will come out in North America in October, only adding to what seems like a unending stream of unique DS titles. Only a few small screens are available right now, but we will bring you more info as soon as it comes to light. I’m going to go replay Shadowgate obsessively now on a not emulator.

[Via Gay Gamer — Thanks, Conrad!]

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