There’s some Contra in my Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories has a lot of odd things in it. Over the last few hours I’ve spotted a working model train, a gumball machine, learned about the “choking game,” and even picked up a phone number for a chick with zero decency. I’ve been chased by skinless creepies and even rolled around in a hospital. I should have seen the classic Konami arcade machines coming.

In the Theatre section of the game (located in the Mall in my version), there are three coin-op machines, all Konami, used as dark room filler: the timeless Contra, Rush N’ Attack, and Gradius. None of the machines work, but I fully expect to see a playable version later. Hell, I’d put money down that there’s a giant phallus that spews blueberries just waiting for me around the next corner.

Brad BradNicholson