There’s a blue Forza Xbox One coming


If you’ve been waiting to buy an Xbox One but were tuned off by the lack of VROOOOOOMMMM and SCHREEEEEEE engine noises made by the console, then I have some exciting news for you. A new Xbox One bundle has been announced and it’s pretty nifty if you like car stuff.

The new Forza 6 Xbox One bundle comes with a blue 1TB Xbox One themed around the 2017 Ford GT, with racing stripes and a Forza logo. The bundled controller is also blue, also has racing stripes and is designed to look like it has wheels and headlights. Most importantly though, when you switch it on it makes car noises. HONK HONK BRUUUUMMMMMMMM WHOOOOSSSSHHHHHH!!!

The bundle will release the same day as Forza 6 and come with a digital download code for the game, It’s going to cost $399 in North America, with no UK price yet announced.

Laura Dale