There’s a Blood Dragon easter egg in Far Cry Primal

Future meets past

Far Cry Primal turns the clock back to the Mesolithic, but the smallest sliver looks ahead to the cyber-dystopian 2007. Ubisoft managed to sneak a relic from Blood Dragon into one of Oros’ many caves. At least it’s thematically consistent in that both games are filled with terrifying beasts.

This video shows exactly how to stumble up the remains of a lizard that was once capable of shooting lasers from its eyes. The first time you do so, an Achievement/Trophy will unlock called “Mark 4 Wenja” and a cool guitar riff will play. Subsequent times, you just get to bask in its neon-pink glory.

A fair number of us have already been beast-taming and sabertooth tiger-riding. Kyle was in charge of the review, giving it a seven. These games lend themselves to inane scenarios that make it almost impossible to not have fun with. But, at the same time, Primal feels very much like a Far Cry game despite all of its radical departures. That’ll mean different things to different folks; it all just depends on how weary you’ve grown of the formula.

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