There’s a Beyond Good and Evil 2 livestream tomorrow

Don’t get your hopes up

We haven’t heard an awful lot about Beyond Good and Evil 2 ever since its surprising reveal at E3 2017. There has been some in-engine gameplay that amounted to little more than a tech demo. That’s about it.

According to the Beyond Good and Evil 2 Facebook page, there will be a developer’s stream tomorrow May 3 at 9am Pacific. It will be hosted on the Ubisoft Twitch channel. This is the second livestream event, and one of few opportunities to see anything related to Beyond Good and Evil 2.

But what should we expect? Probably not a whole lot. The timing is curious, given how close we are to E3. Anything substantial will almost certainly be saved for Ubisoft’s E3 press conference, especially considering how little we actually know about the game. Tomorrow will likely be nothing more than a chance to hear Michel Ancel talk.

Beyond Good and Evil [Facebook]

Brett Makedonski
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