The Xbox One might be getting a ‘Lightweight’ model

Rumors suggest weak and cheap

You know the Xbox One? Yeah, that decently powered AAA game console that plays huge, epic scale games? According to a rumor currently circulating, you might soon see an Xbox One that does considerably less.

According to writer Brad Sams at Petri, who claims to have spoken to internal sources at Microsoft, there’s a Lightweight Xbox One coming in 2016, much more in line with the Apple TV in terms of design and power.

“I have heard from internal sources that the company is considering plans for a lightweight Xbox One that may only be for Windows store games and would compete with the Apple TV, but it’s not clear if these plans have been scrapped.”

The rumor also suggests that the box would be considerably cheaper than the standard Xbox One, and would be releasing in the second half of the year.

So, would you buy an Xbox One branded Apple TV competitor?

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