The Witness is set for a September release on Xbox One


Almost nine months after the original PC and PS4 release, The Witness is coming to Xbox One. As it turns out, PS4’s console exclusivity was timed, allowing this port to come out toward the end of the year.

In a post on Xbox Wire, Jonathan Blow revealed that The Witness is set for a September 13 release on Xbox One. It’ll launch at $40, the same price point it had on both PC and PS4. It’ll ostensibly be the same game as on those other platforms. Blow explained to IGN that there may be minor technical differences, but nothing so far as platform-exclusive content. “I feel like that would kind of… mess up the game,” he said.

Seeing as how The Witness is hands-down my game of the year (you can read my intentionally obtuse review here, which gives it a perfect score), I’m just happy this is getting to as many players as possible. As for me? I’ll play it again, but it won’t have the same appeal now that I know how everything on the island works. We need those Men in Black memory erasers in the worst possible way.

The Witness Coming to Xbox One on September 13 [Xbox Wire]

Brett Makedonski
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