The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf screens lack wolves and blood

This afternoon, CDProject RED released three whoreless and bloodless screenshots of The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf. Despite the subdued nature of the images, we now confirm one thing: the game is going to look hot.

But will it play hot? Bringing a PC role-playing to consoles isn’t always the smoothest transition. CDProject RED have been largely mum on details, but we do know that the battle system is getting an overhaul. “We wanted to meet console users’ expectations, so we’re giving them full control of Geralt during combat,” CD Project RED senior designer Jakub Stylinski told Game Informer last month. “The interface is also being created from scratch to make sure that it’s very intuitive and fits with what people expect in a console game.”

If by “most people” Stylinski meant “Brad Nicholson” then he should be aware that I expect the sound of a dying polar bear to accompany every sword block. I’ve had enough of steel’s tinny. 

Brad BradNicholson