The Witcher: Monster Slayer brings nasty monsters into alternate reality later this month

More Witcher 3 DLC planned for 2021

Hunting around the block for monsters

You’ll be able to live out your monster-hunting dreams in real life later this month thanks to The Witcher: Monster Slayer. Announced today, the AR monster-slaying game hits iOS and Android on July 21.

Pre-registration is live right now on the Google Play StoreThe Witcher: Monster Slayer looks similar to other AR games like Pokemon Go, which encourage the player to roam around to collect different objectives; in this case, it’s all about tracking and fighting monsters.

According to the description, you’ll have to track monsters using actual weather conditions and the time of day, equip armor and weapons, brew potions, and upgrade gear over time to deal with increasingly threatening monsters. Taking them down earns you trophies, too.

There’s more Witcher on the way thanks to the upcoming WitcherCon 2021, set to take place on July 9. CD Projekt Red has already confirmed there won’t be a new Witcher game revealed at the show, though.

Eric Van Allen
Senior News Reporter