The Witcher anime looks like it could be pretty cool

Witcher anime

It’s out this month

The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf is set to debut on August 23, Netflix has reminded us, and we have a better look at it thanks to a new trailer and a poster for the Witcher anime.

It’s a short clip, but it has a very¬†Castlevania Netflix “violent fantasy” vibe to it (and it even has Graham McTavish!). We also get to see how one becomes a Witcher, which isn’t really focused on heavily in adaptations outside of the books. We also get that classic “woman/man duo that hates each other at first but grows to like each other trope,” which literally plays out in the trailer itself. Given that it’s an hour and 21 minute film, it’s likely going to be worth an afternoon watch in any case: it’s not like we’re committing to an entire season that could go wrong at any time.

The animation is being done by the South Korean-based Studio Mir, who handled several big-ticket franchises in the past like Legend of Korra. While the term “anime” is certainly up for debate to describe this project, Netflix is marketing it as one, and it’s fun to say. “Witcher anime,” has a ring to it.

Here’s the Witcher anime poster:

Witcher Anime

And here’s the trailer:

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