The Witch and the Hundred Knight Revival has a demo pack-in with Dengeki Online

Man I miss demo discs

The Witch and the Hundred Knight Revival doesn’t interest me all that much as I wasn’t really a fan of the original game, but the fact that Japan is still get demos from magazines makes me happy. If you spring for Dengeki PlayStation volume 596 online at that link, you can net a Japanese demo code, as the magazine has done this in the past (Disgaea 5). NIS will release the demo for free at a later date as well on the Japanese PSN.

Really, I just wanted to spend this time reminiscing about demo discs. It’s been said over time that demos, in some instances, actually decrease the likelihood for a consumer to convert to the real thing, but I miss the hell out of them. Even during the Xbox 360 era where Microsoft would require XBLA releases to have them, they were plentiful.

Dengeki PlayStation Vol. 596 [Dengeki Online via Gematsu]

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