The western Switch NES and SNES suite just grew by four games, while Japan gets Shin Megami Tensei II

Fire ‘n Ice, Doomsday Warrior, Prehistorik Man, and Psycho Dream

The Switch Online NES and SNES suites are at it again, as there’s four new games that are now available, spread across both services.

We have Doomsday Warrior, Psycho Dream, Prehistorik Man, and Fire ‘n Ice, also known as “Solomon’s Key 2.” I have a lot of experience with the latter puzzler, having renting it several times and being mostly satisfied! Eventually I’d come across the similar Lode Runner, which would cement my love for 2D puzzle platformers.

Nintendo has also announced that Japan, always the one to one-up our offerings, is getting two different games: Shin Megami Tensei II and Mario’s Super Picross. These are instead of Doomsday Warrior and Prehistorik Man.

I realize that translating old JRPGs probably isn’t a huge priority for Atlus or Nintendo, but if Nintendo actually added value to Switch Online, more people would probably pull the trigger. When Nintendo says they have “perks” in mind for Switch Online and they stealth-drop a few obscure retro games on their service every now and then: it isn’t exactly screaming value.

Western release sizzle reel:

Japan release sizzle reel:

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