The Weekend Hotness: ‘Tis the season

I’m back from my self-imposed Internet blackout, ready to take on the joyous Christmas season. This is both my favorite and most despised time of the year. I love the energy that permeates the air during the holidays, but disappointment always sets when I realize I once again lack the funds to take a trip to visit those friends I never get to see anymore. In fact, I wish I could hang out with each and every one of you lovely readers this month. Ahhh, c’est la vie.

This weekend… ummm… wow. Not that busy, is it? Thankfully, Jonathan Holmes manages to save the hour with a big ol’ batch of stories plus an interview with the composer of the Bit.Trip series. Also, look! A wild Becca Roberts appears! Hollie who?

Destructoid Original:
An evening with Ezio
Comments of the Week: I love Star Treck
Exclusive: Bit.Trip and Homefront composer SPEAKS

Community blogs of 11/26 & 11/27
Forum thread of the day: Nicolas Cage

The Mega Man cartoon that should have been
Bit.Trip Runner 2 soundtrack is almost done, more details
Rumor: Details on Sony’s Smash Bros inspired brawler
Inter-species dating sim gets an English patch
Rumor: Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes in development
Das Racist? Call of Duty outsells Ni No Kuni in Japan

Get high scores with your urine!

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