The Weekend Hotness: The long-awaited LolliChain TtWaV

I’m so glad that Holmes was finally able to share his TtWaV interview with Jessica Nigri. The vid was filmed way back during PAX East, but reasons prevented him from actually uploading it to Destructoid. Having already seen it weeks ago, I was completely mystified by the roadblocks halting its progress from Holmes’ hard drive to your ears and eyeballs. It’s here now, so enjoy!

Other than that, this weekend brings news from both EVO in Las Vegas, Nevada, and RTX in Austin, Texas. We also have a new Sup Holmes? featuring Analogue: A Hate Story‘s Christine Love, Allistair Pinsof’s review of Ether Vapor Remaster, word of an anniversary edition of Halo 2, and the first image of the next generation of “Sadness.”

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Paul McCartney working on writing music with Bungie
Anniversary version of Halo 2 reportedly in the works
Play a wee bit of Heroes of Ruin
Guild Wars 2 gets 4-disc soundtrack signed by composer

MY EYES!! Wallpaper crammed with 13,000 SNES JRPG sprites
WizKids releasing a set of Portal 2 sentry turret figures
Real-life Assassin’s Creed tomahawk replica for sale

Clicking with Hoodwink
The tables have turned in new Of Orcs and Men trailer
Dress up like Clayton Carmine in Minecraft on Xbox
Behold ‘Medium,’ from the fine makers of ‘Sadness’
15 minutes of Injustice gameplay footage: Poor Flash!

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