The Weekend Hotness: The Holmes way

Is the best way. Long live Jonathan Holmes and his equal opportunity sexism.  

Maxim arouses, we reviewed Eufloria, go play Tekken 6, Rock Band isn’t profitable, Boom Blox might be going HD, Renegade Kid needs your help and more happened over the weekend.

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Domino Rally

Reminder: Play Kia Speed Racing on Facebook, win a PS3

Tekken 6 is about to throw a party, you’re invited

Did Xbox 360 wireless adapters get a stealth price drop?
Fat Princess getting a new map, demo, and patch soon
Rock Band still not profitable for Viacom
Gentlemen, start your Left 4 Dead 2 demo pre-loads
Suda wants to remake Michigan: Report from Hell
Molyneux names his top five most revolutionary games
Telltale is going to blow you… in the mind
Yep, Pokemon Park Wii is a retail game
Rumor: Next Boom Blox to land on 360/PS3
Pediatricians say videogames as bad as smoking
Insomniac bummed over Resistance 2 fan response

Ratchet & Clank figures available this holiday
World’s largest Lego Mario up for auction
Pato Pooh and his retro stylings
Gorgeous Gamers revamps itself, stay here and play games


Chuck Norris: Bring on the Pain screens have facts
Dementium developer wants your help
AVA banner ads go after Modern Warfare 2
Learn how to make your own moves in Shaun White
More Castlevania Rebirth screens = more sexy fun for you
Too much Super Meat Boy news to fit in this headline
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