The Weekend Hotness: PSPorn

That is art for an upcoming PSP game called Queen’s Blade. Women fight while being nearly naked. Oh, Japan!

We celebrated the best and worst 4th games, Pokemon Red is blatantly better than Pokemon Blue, the Asteroids screenplay was leaked to Destructoid, Jim brought us the last of the ScrewAttack convention coverage, NIS America is looking for an editor and plenty more happened over the weekend.

Destructoid Originals:
The best and worst ‘4th’ videogames EVER!
Madballs in Babo Invasion: The DLC that could have been
Weekend Destructainment: Break it down
Discountoid: Big sales on Wii and DS, plus other bargains!
How Pokemon Red is blatantly better than Pokemon Blue
Best of the Network this week
Games of the week for 7/5/09: Handlebar edition


Leaked pages from the Asteroids movie screenplay
Community blogs of 07/04/09 and 07/05/09
Forum of the day: Reborn Destructoid MGO Clan

SGC 09:
Metal Gear FAIL
Liveblogging the Jack Thompson debate
Jack Thompson keeps his clothes on

AX 09:
Demon’s Souls release date announced, perks included
NIS America is looking for an editor…now

Tecmo Koei: Please drop the PS3 price!
Xbox 360 outselling Wii in UK by two to one
Electroplankton making a splash on DSiWare (Update)
Amazon offers Animal Crossing City Folk for $20
Sesame Street approves of videogames
Gearbox: How did we forget games were supposed to be fun?
Part of latest Gears 2 patch probably not working offline
Telltale: ‘our engine doesn’t run on the PlayStation yet’
New EGM to invade all of your devices at once
New ‘Hot Shots’ title features pie tossing, book organizing
World in shock at mention of upcoming Skate sequel
Valve to announce Left 4 Dead DLC soon, crybabies
Valve: People always complain
Tecmo Koei wants fresh IP in Europe
LucasArts teases ‘Awesome news for old school fans’ Monday

See the Little Sister ‘makeover’ of BioShock 2
I don’t feel so good: Buy your own Left 4 Dead health pack


Pizza power! More TMNT: Turtles in Time: Re-Shelled footage
Katamari Forever vid shows off Autobot King of All Cosmos
Dropping from the sky: Section 8 has plenty of it
PSPorn: Queen’s Blade advertising and trailer titillate
Ubisoft takes over publishing for Heroes Over Europe
HD Wii emulator is actually better than the Wii … a bit
Wolfenstein 3D full motion comic teaser makes us think

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