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Cblogs of 7/4/09 and 7/5/09 + SilverDragonisms


I hope all of my fellow Americans had a good 4th of July. Hopefully you all got away from the internet and your couches for a while and went and hung out with some friends outside to enjoy this patriotic holiday. I know I had a great time. My girlfriend and I threw a huge 4th of July cookout, with lots of food, lots of alcohol, and lots of fireworks. Luckily I once again was able to not blow my hand off while lighting fireworks while drunk. Ever since an almost near serious accident last year involving myself and fireworks, my girlfriend has been a little worried about me getting drunk and lighting off these oh-so explosive devices. Speaking of my girlfriend getting worried, she was also seriously freaked out this year by the Hawaiian shirt I decided to wear for my party. I have decided to post a picture below for you all to see how hideous this shirt looked. The funny thing is, I LOVE this shirt. I didn't care what she, or anyone else thought of me in it.

So let's talk video games for a while ok. I ended up taking an entire week of vacation last week from work, and decided to spend it by sitting at home playing Gears of War 2. Now I could have played any game, but this game had been sitting in my cabinet, unopened for 8 months, so I thought it was about time to open it up. After about 20 hours playing through the story campaign multiple times, and about 30 hours playing multiplayer, I can definitely say I will probably never play this game again. The story was great, but it's near impossible to get into a co-op game successfully, and the multiplayer is completely hit and miss. I have never experienced more 1-shot kills in my entire life in a game. It's extremely frustrating and it makes me never want to play the multiplayer ever again. If anyone wants to play the story campaign co-op let me know, otherwise I am done with Gears of War 2. Now it's time to move on to X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Before we move on with the recaps, I would just like to mention I won't be posting my typical dragon picture tonight. Instead I'm posting a picture of myself in the hideous Hawaiian shirt I wore to my 4th of July party I threw this weekend. I guess it is a picture of a dragon after all, since it's a picture of me and I am Silverdragon1979 right. ;-)

Ok on with the recaps ....

*-Yojimbo writes a great piece about proper friend's list etiquette. Check it out here!

*-Takeshi creates a new LBP level inspired by Yojimbo's favorite place to play games. You have to check this out guys and gals!

*-Elsa writes another great blog, this one about the rise and fall of video game communities.

*-SansJason writes a hilarious post detailing the specific reasons why Jim Sterling with a Monocle is better then Kim Sterling without one. This is a must read for any true Dtoid fan.

*-Check out this totally awesome Okami Birthday Cake, and welcome MellowBunny to the Dtoid community while you're at it!

A-Dexter345 presents the top 5 games you should play to celebrate Independence Day

A-Puddle Jumper discusses his hatred of Capitalism in this piece about the price of video games.

S-Megatron0016 returns with another installment of Fanboy Weekly, this time about Virtual Console Arcade games.

S-Subenu posts another installment of his series on Building Video Game Canon, this week on JRPGs.

P-Episode 15 of the FSA Podcast

P-This just in ... there will apparently be no Backwards Compatible Podcast recorded this week.

The more videos I watch for this game, the more I want to play it.

S-Magnalon shares his recent thoughts on the dtoid community

S-Tavendale writes a great posts about the games he and his 2 close friends play together on a regular basis.

I-DrachulaX returns to the Dtoid community with a new screen name, JehutyFromHell. Welcome him back everyone!

I-Everyone welcome Woodbutcherdan84 to the dtoid community!

I-Maroni finally introduces herself to the Dtoid community. Everyone say hello!

H-Check out Woodbutcherdan84's new 40" HDTV. It is pretty sweet!

N-It appears that Midway Games will not be sold to Warner Bros., as the deal has fallen through. Poor Mortal Kombat. :-(

N-According to Miyamoto, the next Zelda game will not be "radically different".

N-Could a next-gen SSX game be on the horizon. A boy can dream right?

N-Check out this new box art for the new DS Pokemon games.

V-The-Excel posts a bunch of new videos for Card Saga Wars

R-Michiyoyoshiku has returned to dtoid to review Blazblue

R-Last Likely Lad reviews Fight Night Round 4

R-JustuceDude reviews Kamen no Maid Guy. THat is a really weird name just let me say.

T-Lenore Coffee can't decide whether she hates or loves trophies/achievements. She did earn the Platinum trophy on inFAMOUS, which is pretty damn cool!

T-JustuceDude shares his thought on the PSP after owning one for 2 weeks.

T-Akiba shares his thoughts on Fallout 3 DLC Point Lookout

T-Miguelcar808 picked up a copy of The Legend of Zleda: Oracle of Seasons recently, and loves it!

T-Flydream shares some of the funniest NPC quotes from World of Warcraft

T-Dnky666 thinks Skate 3 should stick to using a regular controller

T-Michiyoyoshiku posts his thoughts on Fing of Fighters '98 on XBLA

T-Doc Haus finally gives in and buys Blazblue, and remembers other instances in which he paid full price for games!

T-Another Blazblue blog, this one by ExpertPenguin

T-Steel Brotha apparently hates the entire Street Fighter series. He also has no concept of the proper use of paragraphs.

T-Ryoma90 shares his first impressions of Blazblue, just in case you haven't read enough impressions from other people already.

A-HammerShark found a cool XBOX360 Blue Hot Rod Faceplate on eBay for only $4.95. Check out the sweet artwork.

F-Someone in Hollywood actually wants to make a movie based on the game Asteroids, and here is the sceenplay for it. Didn't they already make this movie with Bruce Willis?

L-Garganroo misses No More Heroes so much, he has written this poem about it. Check it out.

4-Zen Albatross says happy 4th of July in his own strange way ....

4-JehutyFromHell finds the way Americans celebrate July 4th to be funny.

4-CWal37 celebrates Independence Day with a clip from the movie Independence Day

L-Covah gets drunk and posts about it!

L-Sadly. this video is the best thing Crunshii has posted in a while. Check it out it's pretty awesome!

?-Covah sure does love his Skies of Arcadia and Valkyria Chronicles.

F-There's no real content in this blog, followed by a link to a site where you can find the actual content. This is fail people!

F-So close, yet so far from being funny ...

F-This is just shameful and disgusting!

F-Ugh... why?

F-It doesn't get much worse then this guys. Just pathetic!

F-There has been a crap load of this type of fail all weekend! It's just so sad when stuff like this pushes good stuff off the front page


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