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The man, the myth, the legend, Keiji Inafune will be attending PAX. Hopefully when I meet him again, I won’t do what I did at E3: back immediately out of the room, grab Max Scoville by the arm, and exclaim, “MOTHER F*CKIN’ KEIJI INAFUNE IS IN THERE!”

This weekend, I put Hyperkin’s Pixel Art Controller through the wringer, Sup Holmes? gets vertical with Jake Kaufman, Cblogger Handy welcomes you to the world of knock-off gaming, Chris Carter goes beyond with his Disney Infinity review then cracks open his boxed copy of New Super Luigi U, and Destructoid will be throwing a PAX party worthy of Caesar.

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The wonderful world of knock-off gaming
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Have your Zelda art displayed at Legend of Zelda concert

Super Piano Brothers mash up Zelda and Final Fantasy
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Damn you, Japan! It’s Game Center CX 3 on 3DS!
Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate has 231 costumes
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Behold the glory of the physical version of Super Luigi U
Pre-order AVGN Adventures, win a chance to be an NPC

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