The Weekend Hotness: Kermit is tired of your sh*t

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I saw this shared on Twitter last week. I had a big hearty laugh when I first watched it… then watched it a second time… then a tenth. It’s pretty amazing how Kermit the Frog can go from “passive” to “Christian Bale” in no time flat.

This weekend, Jonathan Holmes gives a sneak peek of his new video series Sup Holmes, BioWare makes a funny, the Flixist crew reviews Indie Game: The Movie, and I post not one but two Archie Comics stories.

Destructoid Original:
Sup Holmes is coming: You must get in on it

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Mega Man issue #13 references the series’ black sheep
Do a drum roll! Star Fox gets the VGdrum treatment
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Indie Game: The Movie reviewed (finally!!!)
New Archie Sonic special ties in to Sonic 4: Episode II
Game Theory has the FINAL word on arrows and knees

Resident Evil: Revelations is a sour grapes cock-blocker
Whoa my goddess! Explore all of Hyrule in Minecraft!
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