The Weekend Hotness: KAX 2012

Keith Apicary will have his own convention, confirmed.

Enjoy all the oodles upon oodles of PAX East 2012 content from over the weekend!

Community blogs of 4/7 & 4/8
Forum thread of the day: PAX East 2012 (page 6)

Review: Tropico 4: Modern Times

PAX East 2012:
PAX: Hands-on with War of the Roses
PAX: Super Time Force is my highlight of the show
PAX: Double Dragon: Neon is Double Dragon-y
These were our top ten game picks of PAX East 2012
PAX: Mr. Destructoid shows off his muscles
PAX: Guacamelee! makes me hungry for some good dip
Interview with the Creative Director of Borderlands 2
PAX: Awesomenauts has monkeys, lasers, bulls, and more
PAX: Hands-on & chat with Spec Ops: The Line Lead Writer
PAX: First look at Aliens: Colonial Marines campaign
PAX: Hands on with Orcs Must Die! 2
PAX: Customize your Battleframe in Firefall
Two fun people were asked to leave PAX East
PAX: Relieving stress with Bloodforge
PAX: Have some faith in Civilization V: Gods & Kings
PAX: Mark of the Ninja is a REAL ninja game
PAX: Skulls of the Shogun has a kickass new trailer
That’s Adorable: The wonderful world of PAX East 2012
PAX: Kingdom Hearts 3D, now with even more Jeff Bridges

Crystal Conquest puts that old web browser to work
Nations can be ended in an armory

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