The Weekend Hotness: Go see Arrietty

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On Friday, I picked my cousin up from kindergarten then took him to the theater to watch The Secret World of Arrietty. I’m glad he really wanted to see it too, because I was going whether he was coming with or not. Beautiful! Such a beautiful, genuine movie! Like with all Ghibli films, which Flixist has been gushing about throughout the week, I was smiling he whole way through. The only Ghibli film I can’t endorse is Tales from Earthsea. Seriously, f*ck that movie.

This weekend, Joshua Derocher mods the Baldur’s Gate games, Sup Holmes? is all about filthy Gaijins, Dtoider SephirothX’s blog about Super Mario Bros. first Goomba graces the front page, and PAX East is just around the corner and I am scrounging every last cent that I have to not miss yet another one.

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