The Weekend Hotness: FUSION!

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TheToiletDuck took over 1,000 Destructoid user avatars and combined them to form various Destructoid wallpapers. There are several mosaics available and you can find different wallpaper sizes over on the original post

Rev rants about Fallout 3’s ending, Valkyria Chronicles made Chad cry, Jim debuts the Peripherally Speaking peripheral reviews, 8-bit FM rocks and plenty more happened over the weekend.

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Peripherally Speaking: NERF Armor for DS Lite
Peripherally Speaking: A DS stylus that looks like Yoshi

Left 4 Dead Survival Pack

Prove nothing is sacred and win an Xbox 360 with Sacred 2

Six Days of Falluja dev asks if we’re just making toys
Killian’s comments concerning continuing Capcom conundrums
Could a karma system be in the next GTA?
Is this a Pikmin 3 teaser?
Wolverine devs want in on some hot Deadpool action
GameStop controls 21 percent of the U.S. gaming market
Resdient Evil 5 to be in 3D on PC
Rumortoid: Pokemon Gold/Silver remake coming

Because seeing the inside of stuff is cool
8-bit FM providing round the clock videogame music


Feel (The Grudge) actually looks pretty creepy
High Voltage showing two new Wii games at E3
Surprise: Japanese use Made in Ore to make bukkake porn
Yahoo uses “the Internet” as a source

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