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Because seeing the inside of stuff is cool

2009-05-03 09:00:00  ยท  Matthew Razak

Have you ever wondered what airport security sees when you're traveling some place with every console you own? I do that all the time and have wondered it often. Sadly, peaking around is strictly verboten and so fulfilling that dream has been impossible -- until now.

Someone (here's hoping its some resident who is misusing his hospitals x-ray machine) has x-rayed a whole ton of gaming consoles so we can all see what the insides look like without taking our precious gaming consoles apart. The Wii classic controller looks like a robotic owl, no? And look how much space is wasted in the Atari and the N64. Of course we all remember the first videogame console ever, the coconut (if anyone can logically answer why that is there I'll give them an internet hug).

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