The Weekend Hotness: Epic Pie Time

Alright, alright. Uncle. I concede. The ponies are funny. Happy now, God dammit?

This weekend, Maurice Tan asks analyst Jesse Divinch if the Vita has a rough road ahead, Jordan Devore is drowning in discounted Steam games, I try to act relevant to the conversation as Bill Zoeker and Johnny Luchador chat up I-Mockery’s Roger Barr, and the CES overflow continues.

Destructoid Original:
All items in the Destructoid store now on sale!
Divnich Divines: Do Japanese Vita sales spell trouble?
Comments of the Week: Sexual Predator
Live show: Roger Barr to appear on Also Talks today
Backlog rising: Recovering from Steam’s holiday 2011 sale

Tips for securing your Xbox Live account
Community blogs of 1/14 & 1/15
Forum thread of the day: Sh*t People say on Facebook

I Shoot Many Robots (and you can too)

CES: Hands-on with the joyfully dark Scarygirl
CES: Ice Dragon Cooling brought their cool dragon
CES: Mad Catz SF x Tekken sticks keep the standards high
CES: Mad Catz SF x Tekken fightpad is little but mighty
CES: Mad Catz Soulcalibur stick should please Namco fans

The winners of the 2012 IGF Student Showcase
Organ Trail: Director’s Cut a success on Kickstarter
Donating money to oppose SOPA on the industry’s behalf
Obama Administration officially doesn’t support SOPA/PIPA
Yep: Origin required for all PC versions of Mass Effect 3
Vita RPG Ruin sees a name change; is now Warrior’s Lair
Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee HD set for a Q2 release
Standageddon: Kid Icarus: Uprising comes with a stand

Videogame-themed beer pong tables are righteously crunk
Count the game references in rapper Random’s ‘Epoch’

The King of All Cosmos is as awesome as your principal
Lots of details on new patch for League of Legends
Shinobido 2 trailer shows the way of the ninja
Runner 2 secrets unlocked in this drunken video expose
Meet the fantastic cast of Code of Princess
I wish I had made Katawa Crash

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