The Weekend Hotness: Egoraptor wants to be on The Tester

I like to think that the only reason Egoraptor built up such a massive portfolio of web contest was just so that he could one day sweep a casting call vote for a reality TV show. Yep, aaaaaaaall according to plan.

This was a pretty packed weekend in terms of news. We’ve got a ton of videos and screens for several games, including Warhammer Online, Resident Evil Revelations, and Rapala for Kinect (fish punching!). We also reviewed Mortal Kombat: Arcade Kollection and Serious Sam: Double D, plus checked out the upcoming Xbox 360 dashboard update.

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Win rad Transformers-themed gear from Razer!

Review: Mortal Kombat: Arcade Kollection
Review: Serious Sam: Double D

Order achieved: Xbox 360 fall dashboard update previewed

Labour: UK government ‘damaging’ games industry
EA’s Eric Brown: Origin third-party software ‘very soon’
Marvelous hopes to localize boob-filled Senran Kagura
Max Payne 3 potentially cost $105 million to develop
Grand Prix Story on iOS, Android gets Pocket League Story
While AMD goes for brains, NVIDIA goes for brawn
BAFTA supporting young game designers
Monster Hunter Tri G site open, is mysteriously nubless
Nintendo in patent suit over Wii motion controls
Parents’ nagging may lead children to play more games
Play all the sports in Activision’s new Kinect game
Apogee titles 50% this weekend at Good Old Games
Sufferrosa is an ‘experimental storytelling project’
Solatorobo has gone gold, will drop on September 27
Mighty Switch Force trailer FINALLY in US eShop
Deus Ex: Human Revolution (360/PS3) for $34.99 on Amazon
Here’s a peek at DanceDanceRevolution II’s song list
Grasshopper loses two visionaries

brentalfloss wants to catch ’em all… STDs, that is
Gold Slimes to celebrate Dragon Quest’s 25th anniversary
American Chopper building an epic Gears of War bike
Actual Professor Oak VA dubs over Pokémon FireRed intro
Freddie Wong has one crazy commute to work
OC ReMix gets equipped with a Mega Man 9 arrange album
Mega64 gets crunk with Madden 12

Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes video and screens
Rachel stars in the Resident Evil Revelations TGS trailer
FIFA 12 has got some new tricks up its sleeve
Over 70 new Ace Combat: Assault Horizon screenshots
Rapala for Kinect is full of fish punching
EverQuest Veil of Alaris is in motion before us
Details on Starbreeze’s Syndicate leak, have some screens
Sega sneakily reveals Super Monkey Ball for PS Vita
Theatrical action! Fresh Black Knight Sword footage

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