The Weekend Hotness: de Blob is de wut

This is an ad for de Blob in Japan. No really, it is.

Jim shows us ten games that keep PETA awake at night, Colette reviewed The Last Remnant, the SAW game has been cut, there’s a Dragon Quest ballet, and plenty more happened during the weekend. 

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Ten videogames that keep PETA awake at night
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The Last Remnant

Reminder: Freaky Creatures Photoshop contest coming to a close in two days

Lips’ wireless microphone will be compatible with Rock Band… eventually
Square Enix bringing Persona 4, Disgaea and Rhapsody to Europe
5th Cell’s new game? Scribblenauts!
Win some free stuff from Ubisoft and Intel [Update]
GTA IV DLC to be teased at the SpikeTV Videogame Awards
D3 says Onechanbara got some graphical upgrades for its North American release
Energizer and Harmonix offering free DLC with battery purchases
Spore wins ‘Most Pirated Game of the Year’ award
Army hosts teen game tournament, accused of ‘military pedophilia’
SAW videogame cut loose by Brash

Beautiful custom Tetris bracelet could be the perfect Christmas gift

BitMuseum #1 — Jason Cirillo knows more about retro gaming than you do
Ballet meets videogames: The Dragon Quest ballet
Ludacris raps about videogames in “Press the Start Button”

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