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Cblog recaps 12/06/08 +Randombullisms


Bonerquest is nearing completion. It is coming. I'd want to put it out in a few weeks a full final version of it. The test version seems to be enjoyed by those that I've spoken to. Still waiting for responses back from a few people. I just wonder how many people will play Bonerquest? I assumed a few hundred at most. It looks like everyone is way into it. I can't wait for everyone to try it out and tell me the problems with it. How the gameplay was great, but the storyline was bad. Or that the storyline was amazing, but the gameplay was rather basic. That the graphics look too old school or are just done that way for no real reason. That I'm a jerk. That the game is pure filth. I fully expect nothing but nerd rage about Bonerquest.

At least two full hours of my time went into it today. The rest went to video games. You know, playing them.

If anyone wants to do some Gears 2 or Saints Row 2, please let me know. I'd much like to try co-op on both online. Maybe for a review, maybe just to see how it works for myself.

Oh topsauce. I forgot about this. I pick the animation and for another pick that artwork that one member drew. Those are my picks. They're down under the A section on Culture. See, topsauce.

M- Something about demons. I think. Lengthy with pictures of Demons Crest, I can only skim it. Time to Destroy monthly musing post, so if you're into that sort of thing, go for it.
S- That poster talking about their trip to Japan posts their seventh entry.

I've a contest for you. Since there was none today. Who wants to play a test version of Bonerquest? Not the one that was passed around recently, but an even more finished one next week? One that would only be missing music, final graphics in some areas, and maybe a few bug fixes. Tell me why it should be you and I'll consider it. Or I'll just release a nearly complete version to everyone all at once.

?- A member shows off their gaming setup. That HD TV makes me cry, but the sheer amount of chords attached to everything makes me feel better. I don't know if you realize this, but I play my video games through a VCR. My TV doesn't even have audio/video inputs. No seriously.

P- This is going under P for preview. Some new scrolling shooter that looks really good from the handful of screenshots they posted. A rather long article.
R- Review of Prince of Persia.
T- Lara Croft's character comes into question.
T- One member has found a reason to buy the video Qore thing on the playsation network. A hot chick. In their opinion a hot chick anyway.
T- Some thoughts on the new Chrono Trigger and how it compares to the original.
T- A theory about Sonic games not being bad.
T- I think this is about how a member here enjoys the prince from Prince of Persia. It seemed rather lengthy, so I only glanced at it. It had a picture of the prince, prince is in the title, and it was rather lenghty.

A- A member made a cartoon short. Actually a fun viewing.
A- A poster is told what to draw, draws Chrono and Cloud. Fairly nice drawings.
V- Robot Chicken does a version of one of a playstation classic.
?- Not sure where to put this exactly. I assume culture would be the best for it, since you know, this is sort of culture stuff. Aparantly Dragon Warrior has one of those fancy dance plays in Japan. Tascar posted some information about it and a video. My mind is blown.
?- Someone shares their opinions on video games. A follow up to their post linking to another blog.

F- Christmas month on ShiMoNi. I think they're doing those Christmas slasher movies this month. Usual cartoons thrown in as well.
V- I'm going to take a guess on this one. There was a "banned" Xbox 360 commercial floating around of some people playing Cops & Robbers, this appears to be an audition tape for that commercial. The older woman seems really into play shooting her guns. Especially towards the end.
?- Broken link to a Jack Black video, I think.
?- This video works, and I'm baffled about it. A few years ago I was sent links to a website with a comedian doing skits where he yells random things and throwed things. It didn't make a lot of sense, but was rather humorous. Now it seems someone took sound bites from that site, and put them into the Left 4 Dead game on the big muscle bound monster. I don't understand why. Classic horror films I can understand, but using these sound clips I can't. Somewhat humorous.

F- Anyone who is playing this demo automatically fails. Seriously why can't I play Resident Evil 5? I don't want to finagle around the internet trying to get a Japanese account. That's bullshit. I want the demo so I can try it out. In some ways, I'd rather not play it. Just save it all for March. Resident Evil 5, please don't suck.
F- Someone plugs a website and as usual, comments get posted about it. Only briefly looked at the comments, the usual comments are expected. Soon as I'm done here, I want to go read what everyone had to say.

I tried to get into my recap as early today as possible. Hopefully not too early. If I missed a few tonight, I'll recap them tomorrow.

If anyone has any suggestions for me on what to talk about or something, speak up. I'm taking time off Random Select (Formerly Old School Games) to focus on Bonerquest. Every chance I've got to work on it, I'm taking to try and finish it up. I want it out before Christmas. That would be awesome, wouldn't it? To actually share Bonerquest with everyone. This silly joke game that everyone laughs about, finally shown off and released to everyone. I'll be doing a post about test plays on it soon.

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