The Weekend Hotness: !Cowzilla for editor++

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Long time community member, Matthew ‘Cowzilla’ Razak, has joined Destructoid as the weekend editor. As you can see, he helped the front page stay fresh these past two days. Horay Cowzilla!

Jim gave us ten obnoxious ways of extending a game’s length, Brad N. reviewed Wheelman, Reggie is hyped about E3, the Mortal Kombat team is trying to leave Midway, Muppet Babies, we make our dreams come true. Muppet Babies, we’ll do the same for you. When your world looks kinda weird and you wish that you weren’t there, just close your eyes and make believe and you can be anywhere. I like adventure, I like romance, I love great jokes, Animal dance!! I’ve got my computer, I swing through the air, I play the piano and I have blue hair. Me, I invent things. Mee mee mee meee! Is everything all right in here? Yes, Nanny. Muppet Babies, we make our dreams come true. Muppet Babies, we’ll do the same for you. Muppet Muppet Muppet Muppet Babies Babies Babies Babies. Make dreams come true!

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