The Weekend Hotness: Avengers assemble!

Dat movie, man. It got me so amped. And the cartoon’s theme song is pretty damn catchy, too.

This weekend, give us money so we can go build homes in Costa Rica, Daniel Starkey’s full interview with Hal Halpin gets uploaded, Sup Holmes? rubs shoulders with Konjak of Noitu Love fame, and Jim gets friendly with A Valley Without Wind.

Destructoid Original:
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The Question: Do you want Black Ops II?
Fireside chat with ECA President Hal Halpin
Sup Holmes: Konjak explains it all
This weekend on Dtoid.TV: 56 non-stop hours for charity!!

Community blogs of 5/5 & 5/6
Forum thread of the day: Your top 10 favorite pokemons?

Review: A Valley Without Wind

XSEED bringing Ragnarok Odyssey to North America
La-Mulana devs comment on cancellation, future plans

Part one of Max Payne 3 comic out now, read it for free
Twilight Princess is amazing on paper
Ubiktune releases coda’s retromazing tracer album
HAWP: Anthony needs to learn to nut up
Man arrested for smuggling cocaine in his Xbox 360
The lightning gods: Death Battle pits Thor against Raiden
Animal Crossing is now the soundtrack for everything

Endless Space renews 4X on PC with community involvement
Cave shooter Akai Katana descending onto the Xbox 360
Kid Icarus: Uprising anime returns to Nintendo Video

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