The Weekend Hotness: Art lover Virgilio Armarndio

The power of art is powerful, as demonstrated by the powerfulness of Virgilio Armarndio. Such a powerful man. Each of his breasts are filled with powerful acid milk juices. It’s yummy.

Take a look at the top ten asses of videogames, Master Chief is the best ever, RedOctane shuts down, Super Mario Galaxy was predicted 16 years ago, Halo: Reach looks awesome and more happened over the weekend.

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January NPD: Mario beats all, Bayonetta cracks top 20
Chinatown Wars iPhone goes on sale
Sniper Elite coming to the Wii in Europe
Xbox 360 version of Trine probably canned
Choose your own Achievement in Prince of Persia
Zynga offering a pricy V-Day ring for FarmVille crops
Church: Games are a bubbling sewer of sexual pornography
Rumor: Sonic 4 coming to retail
PSA: FlOw is free on PSN right now
De Blob sequel and cartoon series in the works
Sony says PS3 shortages might happen
Nippon Ichi slimming down, releasing new Disgaea on PS3
BUY THIS GAME: The Void on sale for five dollars
Activsion closes the doors on RedOctane
Remedy doesn’t know how Alan Wake will end
Uncharted 2 DLC coming Feb. 25
Command and Conquer Classics gives you C&C for free
No 250GB 360 hard drive planned outside of bundles
God of War III reality show looking for contestants
Tecmo thanks ESRB for DOAP description


Natal cameos in Smallville, makes Superman fly
Letter predicts Super Mario Galaxy 16 years ahead of time
Better than sex: Rockman 10 animated Twitter icons
Happy Valentine’s from a pie stealing criminal

Lazy Raiders gets dated, Avatar’d
Halo: Reach ViDoc gives us a nice taste of what’s to come
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