The Weekend Hotness: A boot to the head

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Everyone’s favorite courtroom drama is returning! To celebrate, I’ve gone back, back, BACK to the distant Internet year of 2007 for this classic sketch comedy / Phoenix Wright mash-up. Enjoy!

Other things that made this weekend super special include Dale North’s review of Final Fantasy XIII-2, the start of a new PC modding series by Joshua Derocher, a pair of brilliant promoted community blogs from bbain and yeroooc, and more posterior coverage than should ever be allowed.

Destructoid Original:
Live show: Mash Tactics’ farewell to Jon Carnage stream
Nudity: TtWaV album gets new tracks, temporary price drop
Weekend Modder’s Guide: Planescape: Torment

The hidden joys of buying used
Location: Texture and authenticity in Red Dead Redemption
Community blogs of 1/28 & 1/29
Forum thread of the day: Phoenix Wright

Review: Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten
Review: Final Fantasy XIII-2

Gettysburg is an alt history take on the Civil War

Best Buy stores getting PS Vita demo units
Pre-order Kid Icarus: Uprising, get 3D Classics original
The Binding of Isaac gets a grotesque retail edition
Dead Block is finally out for PC
Ace Attorney 5 is happening!
Kingdom Hearts 3D OST and Nier piano CD dated

Who wouldn’t want this horny Dr. Mario statuette?
Upcoming Zelda fan film looks like ReBoot
Solidus Snake figure lookin’ hot, Meryl not so much
Hey, Little Sister! Who’s the only one?

Brand-spankin’ new homebrew NES game features cats
Vita’s Mutant Blobs Attack has a silly credits theme
Rhythm Heaven Fever’s orgasmic wood people CONFIRMED
Here’s some A for your SoulCalibur T

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