The two best professions for Evoker in WoW Dragonflight

The two best professions for Evoker in WoW Dragonflight

Get some gear while you level, or make some cash

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As the Drakythr Evoker enters the arena in World of Warcraft via the Dragonflight expansion. There’s a lot to think about. Like, should you even make an Evoker at all?! Well, if you want a free level 58 character (provided that you have an existing one at 50+), you might!

In case you do and are looking for professions to choose: leatherworking and skinning are a mean combo. You’re not limited to these two, of course. Feel free to pick up whatever professions you personally gravitate toward: but leatherworking and skinning will be valuable for any Evoker. Remember that you can only make one Evoker per realm (and that includes both factions).


Of course, skinning is one of the best professions to weave in with leatherworking. There’s synergy there in terms of literally skinning and using the materials immediately, which saves you cash and makes you some in the process. There will also be a lot of skinning targets from level 58 on in the new zone, giving you ample time to hone your craft and pick up lots of materials.

It’s also important to remember that the Drakythr race has the racial passive Discerning Eye, which increases your perception by 2% (increasing your ability to spot rare reagents while gathering).


Leatherworking not only plays to the strengths of the Evoker’s armor class, but it also allows you to make some gold on the side.

In the expansion, there’s tons of leather pieces of gear on sale: not only because of the increased player count at the start of an expansion boom, but due to all of the people rolling new Evokers. It’s smart to take advantage of said boom while you can, and with the ability to create your own materials out of thin air, craft gear, then sell the excess, it’s a one way road to a more fun and productive time leveling to 70.

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