The terrors get tinier as Little Nightmares is adapted to mobile

The Littlest Shop of Horrors

Little Nightmares succeeded splendidly at crafting a dark and macabre world full of twisted monstrosities and grim fates. It’s perfectly understandable that developer Tarsier and publisher Bandai Namco wouldn’t just want to leave that world to rot.

That’s why Little Nightmares is getting mutated and transformed a bit, all so it can come to a littler device. The appropriately-named Very Little Nightmares will launch on iOS platforms “very soon.” It’s being developed by Alike Studio. There’s no word yet about whether there will be an Android version.

This reveal was quick and quiet, meaning that we really don’t know much Very Little Nightmares. The trailer that’s embedded above briefly shows a grid-based approach with some block-sliding puzzles. Otherwise, we’re in the dark — which is exactly where Little Nightmares wants us.

Brett Makedonski
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