The Tale of Rowland Oakes Hogwarts Legacy quest completion & map guide

If you know the location, this one is easy

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Hogwarts Legacy has plenty of map-based quests to navigate, and one of those is The Tale of Rowland Oakes. Here’s how to start the quest, and where to finish it.

Step 1: Get the quest from the Transfiguration Courtyard in Hogwarts

So long as you’re level 10 (and finished the main story mission The Helm of Urtkot), you’ll be able to pick up the quest The Tale of Rowland Oakes from Adelaide Oakes in the Transfiguration Courtyard in Hogwarts.

The quest marker will then send you on a hunt to locate Rowland Oakes, who was last seen in the Forbidden Forest, in a small bandit camp.

Step 2: Acquire the map from a small bandit camp in the north

After getting to the camp (west of Hogsmeade, pictured in the gallery above), you’ll find a note that also provides a map.

This is your key/clue on where to go next, as the game won’t provide any further hints, or give you a quest marker on the location of Rowland.

Step 3: To solve the puzzle of the map, head to the Korrow Ruins in the west

Thankfully, we know that the solution lies in the Korrow Ruins. Fly/walk further west beyond the camp until you get to the Korrow Ruins, the location of which is marked plainly on the map with a Floo Flame spot, even if you don’t have it already.

After you get to the keep, you’ll need to make your way through to the northeast corner to actually locate the ruins entrance (which is a separate instance you need to enter, like a dungeon). You have the option of sneaking around or taking the goblins there head-on. To get to the entrance quickly, you can just fly over most of the keep and land where the marker tells you the entrance is.

Step 4: Enter the ruins and free Rowland Oakes

Enter the ruins and turn right, then right again. You’ll enter a tunnel of sorts, with a giant locked door: Rowland Oakes is behind it. After speaking to Rowland, they’ll ask you to get their wand, which will help them unlock the charm on the door.

Leave the tunnel and walk up the stairs to the right. See that giant mechanical door? You’re going to loop around (up the stairs and around the entire room) to the boiler on the upper floor. Light it with a flame spell to open that door, then go into a large room. Sneak around or defeat the enemies there, and go into the smaller room on the right. Grab the wand and head back to Rowland Oakes to free them.

After you free Rowland, the quest will immediately pop, and you’ll need to exit the ruins before you can fast travel.

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