The Steam Replay recap feature will remind you of all the backlog games you didn’t play in 2022

Steam Replay recap feature

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You know those “year in review” tools, and how they’re all called something different? Well Steam just unleashed theirs out into the world, and it’s going to be a doozy for most Steam users: since, you know, there’s probably a lot of games lingering on your Steam accounts.

The “Steam Replay” feature showcases several aspects of your 2022 gaming habits:

  • Highlights of your most-played games/genres and how many games you played
  • Your percentage of keyboard + mouse use compared to a controller
  • How many achievements you unlocked
  • A full breakdown of your most-played games (with graphs!)
  • How you compare to the Steam average in terms of games played, achievements unlocked, and play streaks

The comparison data is interesting, as the average amount of achievements unlocked per Steam player in 2022 is 21, the average amount of games played was five, and the longest streak is nine days.

How to access your Steam Replay recap:

You can find it right here at this link.

Or, you can locate it in the Steam app itself.

There are a few provisos to keep in mind for your 2022 Steam Replay chart:

  • “Steam Replay 2022 includes all of your play time between the first second of January 1 and the last second of December 14”
  • “Steam Replay does not include any playtime played in offline mode or when disconnected from internet”
  • “Steam Replay excludes time spent running tools and other types of non-game software. It also excludes games that are unreleased or disabled.”
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