The Nintendo Switch 2022 Year in Review site is live

Nintendo Switch Year in Review 2022

Find out how much time you sunk into the Switch this year

Another end-of-year tradition is upon us: the annual wrap-up. Every online service seems to do it these days, and Nintendo’s Year in 2022 for the Switch is live now to cram and condense your Switch time into raw numbers.

All you have to do is log into the site here with your Nintendo account, and it’ll automatically grab your play stats from the whole calendar year thus far. I guess that doesn’t leave much time to goose up the play hour count.

From there, the site will break down your games. You’ll see what your most played games were, as well as those you might have played right at launch and even a spotlight on some that have seen quite a bit of playtime.

I can’t say mine were too surprising; Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has absolutely eaten away the hours, I put a lot of time into the new Pokemon, and Triangle Strategy ate up some time and more with its multiple routes. I’ll give a special shout-out to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, though, which remains a joy to pop into and play every so often.

The site also spotlights the breadth of games you’ve played, by days logged in and hours tallied up. It’s a neat little look-back at the year.

525,600 minutes (spent in Xenoblade)

While it’s nice to see what games I’ve sunk hours into on other platforms, there is something special to me about the Switch in-review. Other hardware are staples of my at-home life, but the Switch travels with me. I can tell when I was travelling, or when I was taking my Switch to a friend’s place for Smash Bros. It’s a neat little recap! And also a fun way to see what so many massive RPGs in a single year does to my free time.

Eric Van Allen
Senior News Reporter